Wednesday, January 22, 2014


About 3-4 years ago I planted a Japanese plum tree, and it has slowly been growing and producing a few plums each year.  I have to net it to keep the birds away from the fruit, and there is the added risk of winds blowing the blossom off right at the crucial time, so that the crop is very light.

It's necessary to net it in such a way that the birds can't reach the fruit through the netting, or by pushing the netting towards the plums and reaching with their beaks.  Very clever are our birds!  Using a technique handed to me by grape growers, I use bird netting clipped together by the plastic bread bag clips.  Works really well!

It's a lovely shaped tree and I love having it in the garden, fruit or not.

This year it produced abundantly for its size, and although the birds did get a share, and although the netting was swirled out of place by gale force winds, I have just picked these plums which I am delighted with!
Thank you, plum tree!