Thursday, April 3, 2014

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...

...wrote John Keats in his poem to Autumn in 1819.

We are in autumn here in New Zealand and after some health issues, I have only weeds in the vegetable garden.  I am looking forward to this growing season and spring, by which time I'll have cleared the dreadful seed-bearing mess, and be ready to plant vegetables again.

And then from the depths of my memory I thought - carrots!  Didn't I put in some carrot seeds months ago?

I went fossicking, and yes indeed I had!

Can you find the carrots amongst the weeds?  Hint - that's the green things!

And I have carrots!

I love this about gardening for food!  You get these amazing gifts!  Not all the crops I plan and nurture provide me with food, but it's these unexpected bonuses that brighten the tasks.

I hadn't netted the grapes this year, and knowing the fight I fight against those tiny grape-sucking birds even when I do, I hadn't bothered to even check.  But today I did, and there, thick in the untrimmed foliage, hanging low were - beautiful huge ripe grapes!

The feijoas fruit - and very sensibly drop their ripe crop at my feet when it's ready - whether I do anything to them or not, and the Cape Gooseberries have been very prolific this year.

I am abundantly blessed!