Friday, February 8, 2013

Tomato sauce

Back in the day when I was feeding a houseful of kids, everything was prepared in bulk, including home made tomato sauce. These days I make smaller batches, and freeze in smaller lots, but the resulting sauce is no less tasty for that!

Whenever I have more tomatoes than I can use or give away (and round here most people have at least a couple of tomato plants growing), I toss the excess into a roasting dish with a good slurp of olive oil, as much garlic as I have a mind to, some salt and pepper, and lay a good branch of rosemary over the top. I roast them until they're cooked, and just before they are, I add a goodly quantity of basil. It looks like this:

You can see the rosemary has cooked off the branch, which I've discarded.

When it's cooled down, I whack it into the food processor and freeze the sauce for pasta, pizza or whatever during the year. I can NEVER have enough of this yummy stuff!