Saturday, March 9, 2013

And now for those apple muffins....

A couple of days ago, I posted about making apple sauce, and mentioned that I was going to make apple muffins.  You'll find that post here.

In that post I gave the recipe for my spiced pickled oranges - one year the entire crop of oranges fell off the tree, ripe, perfectly formed, but little.  It seemed such a pity to do nothing with them, but they were too small to eat by the time they'd been peeled.  So I pickled them, and I'm still using them!  They've gone more brown in the jars since then, but are still a fabulous accompaniment to ice cream, or as an ingredient in my apple muffins.

The secret of making good muffins is not to overmix the batter - there should still be signs of flour.  Beat them, and they will be tough and small.  As you would too, if you'd been beaten!!

As I use homemade apple sauce if I have it, I don't stew apples just prior to making these muffins, so I measure out the apple and add the orange, and then pop the butter in with that and warm in the microwave for a minute.  I should also say that I use raw sugar, and half and half wholemeal and white flour.

1 ½ good cups flour​            ½ teasp salt​             ¾ cup sugar
1 tblespoon mixed spice1 teasp baking soda1 cup stewed apple
1 cup sultanas​                        125g butter       ​1 egg

Stew the apples and while hot add the butter to melt.  Add to dry ingredients together with the beaten egg.  Mix lightly and quickly.  15 mins at 200°C.  A lesser amount of apple may be made up to 1 cup with stewed rhubarb, spiced orange preserve etc.  I use about  2/3rds cup of stewed apple and make it up to a cup with finely chopped Pickled Oranges.

I have to say that every time I've given a basket of these muffins as a thank you to my mechanic or other bloke-y blokes, they have been received with rave reviews, more so than any other muffins I've ever made! It's the secret ingredient, that pickled orange!