Friday, March 22, 2013

Using left-over cooked rice

Every year at the school where I work, we have a day of solidarity with the poor and with refugees, which we call "Rice Day".

For this one day, the students - aged from 5 to 13 years old - have as their lunch, a handful of cooked rice. The little children are allowed their two mid-morning breaks with "brain food" but the rest of the school - staff included - have no other food than the lunch time rice.

The children line up with their hands cupped to get their lunch, in much the way we imagine they would do at a refugee Aid Station.

I have to say too, it's jolly good rice, donated and cooked for us by one of our parents, the proprietor of the authentic Indian restaurant "Kiwi'n'Kurry"! Children also bring a gold coin donation which goes to Caritas an international aid organisation.

This year there was some rice left over, so I brought a container of rice home, and this is what I had for dinner!


As the pan was heating, I beat an egg with a few drops of water, poured it in and spread it out so it cooked like an omelette. When it was set I removed it. Into the hot pan I tossed garlic, onion, soy sauce, fish sauce and sesame oil, and when that was cooked nicely, a couple of cups of my cooked rice, and from my garden, some chopped butter beans, chopped silverbeet, tomato and grated carrot. I tossed it often until it was all nicely cooked, added a splurt of oyster sauce and then added the omelette which I had rolled and sliced. Heated it through and enjoyed it immensely!