Sunday, April 21, 2013

Drying Herbs and Herbal Teas

Snipping the parsley heads
Decided to make some herb bread, which sent me out to the garden for herbs, which in turn made me decide it's time to dry some parsley! There's too much out there for me to use before it goes to seed, so I brought in some big bunches, washed it, snipped off the edible bits, laid them on a baking tray, and dried them in the oven on fan-bake at 75 degrees Celsius for 3 hours, then cooled and put into air tight containers.
Parsley ready to go into the oven for drying
When I'm drying smaller quantities of herbs, I do them in the microwave -
I place about ½ cup fresh herbs, washed and chopped, between paper towelling on high for 1 min or until dried. (Whole basil leaves take 1 ½ mins)

I make herbal teas from my herbs, by putting fresh or dried leaves into the teapot and pouring boiling water over. Adjust quantities to your own taste, and the following is a brief list of usefulness!
Bergamot​ - sore throats, colds, chest complaints – invigorating
Marjoram​ - nervous headaches, indigestion, bad breath, morning sickness
Mint​ - digestion, memory
Parsley​ - rheumatism, kidneys, gallbladder, digestion, circulation
Rosemary​ - headache, colic, colds
Sage​ - general health, stress, shock
Thyme​ - colds, coughs, catarrh, sore throat, flatulence